What should i do ?

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone

First things first, i would like to thank you guys for drop the comments and email me on what do you guys want me to up next for my post. Thank you for being understanding. I will eventually publish your comments sooner or later. Sorry for that because i am really being so tight where i have tons of errands.

Now let's get back to the topic of the day.. back in few weeks, i have these problems where i don't feel like to go to the office & prefer to stay at home. Full-time mother and yes of course , spent time with my mom. Fetch my sister like what i did yesterday. Fetch her (my sister) , went for a lunch & direct to her therapy session regarding her scoliosis.

I prefer to work from home & being a tutor. That's what makes me happy. Somehow, we should not put a hope on being happy all the time. At the time being, i am trying to fix everything. Trying to be more responsible due to failure in my field (work) 

Sometimes i always thought that i don't know what i want to do in my life. It was a thought, after all .
How tricky your mind can persuade you on something is powerful till at one point you are going to feel numb and speechless. Random anecdata on internet, social media always carried me away and eventually i will absorb negativity more than positivity. My happy pills is when my daughter is by my side. The environment in the office is not for me. Why should i stand in between people who love talk behind my back? Who loves to take me down & whom do not trust me in my capabilities? Besides, Satan also loves to play shavie whenever i am in a negative vibe. Yeah, Satan loves negativity (i know that).

Busticate !! I wish i can get inspired easily when i drop my eyes on their Instagram. They way they feel motivated, the way they cherish themselves during working hours & everything.(their' is referring to the successful woman out there)

I just realize that they do become positive and more positive because they love what are they doing. They love their jobs. That is why they can manage themselves and become successful.

I wish and all of my wishes will be burry peacefully in a sepulchre.

Have a good day everyone.

P/ s: do drop me some pieces of advice if you know the solution on how can i love my job as much as u guys love yours

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