by - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone.

It's been awhile. Past few months , basically it was back in January .
I started to felt lazy. The laziness become worst (day by day). I don't even know
why i feel this way and now i still feel the laziness is poisoning me *_*

It does influence me by make me feel numb and do nothing.
For an example , i am working . In the dawn , i used to think and make my schedule.
What should i do for today . In the end of the day , i'm gonna take a look into my list
and make myself a slight reminder regarding my performance. As for now ,
i do the list and the list will remain unchanged . Can you imagine that ?

What i did yesterday was look back into myself. My connection, relationship with Him.
I've almost forgotten about recite Al-Mathurat in the morning (began : on my pregnancy)
till last December . Back in January , rarely recite it -.-

Same goes to others Surah that i need to ensure myself to recite it everyday. I've failed this part on 2018.

Why is Al Mathurat so powerful ?

Please check it here......

I make a phone call since i am stucked. I don't even know why.
She did tell me to keep on recite one part of Al Mathurat .

To avoid laziness , evil thoughts & all the negative things.

Syukur alhamdulillah i have this kind of bff –dunia and akhirat

Guys , whenever you feel lazy or have a negative thoughts....
Be positive and look on the side that bring you the happiness in your life . Tips from my husband and it is really work ! Been tried it twice already. Besides, recite a doa. InsyaAllah , everything will be fine.

Have a good day


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