by - Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Assalamualaikum ! Hi people !

Life goes on. So fast ! Currently , my surrounding is not that good. I have to face those people who love to judge others because they are so "damn perfect" ! Besides, i also need to face some people who don't even know how to respect others .

These people leads me towards ignorance which i don't give a damn anymore.  
Why should i give a hand while they will keep on being full of themselves ?
Enough is enough i guess.

All i know , i am focusing on my daughter and how i will have a better life. In fact , i am trying so hard to be better. Negative vibes could pull me off and drag me towards negativity. Why should i getting closer it since i realize that all i need to do is get myself away from them . 

I might look well . I might look okay. 
Don't push me to be someone that you will not be able to handle
I can be like you guys –judge, disrespect .
Yet , I don't want to be like that because it is disgusting , annoying & everything (negative). 

It is not easy to be better because you will face so many problems . The real problems is you need to be strong and deal with your tiny little voice that keep whispering inside your mind.

I am not as good as what people think. I have done a thousand of sins in my past. Yet, you have no right to judge my past. I can judge you too. I just choose not too. Oh ya . I just realize that ....

People who are love to judge someone past / sins is actually love the bad side & love negativity .
HAHAHA. Hello from the other side ? you love the bad side is it ? Nah. I don't give a damn anymore. Besides, do not feel so proud of yourself– your knowledge doesn't cover every inch of what others know. You might be so well in your field. Just a slight advice for you , i have to admit that you are so cool & clever. Yet , you also know nothing in what others field hold.

Retreat yourself and check yourself. Please remember that ... do not be so arrogant & full of yourself. It might hurt you in the future . Just like what i've gone through because i do full of myself & arrogant back then. Treat yourself before it getting worst.

As for now , i live my life by remind myself every single day that death will come with no signal . We don't even know when we will die. Live your life this way to avoid the negativity and negative kind of attitude. Be strong . Ignore what people say because people judge – they always do. I do judge people . As what i told you , i have committed too many sin. I am not a good person at all. I just can make myself better by transform myself.

Take the chances while you can. Be better when you realize that death is just nearby.


Amirul-Mukminin ( Umar Al-Khattab) felt so afraid because he did said... Afterlife , there will be a Muslim that will not enter heaven like the others. He think, that person might be him. If he think that way, who are us ? We are not even closer to our Prophet Muhammad. We should be afraid 1000x compare to him.

Besides , "Ya,qub said , " I do not complain of my anguish and sorrow to anyone but Allah...." (Yusuf 12 ; 86 )

If you feel bloated by reading this , just bloated because i don't need any bless from you  :D

Till we meet again !

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