by - Friday, August 18, 2017

I don't feel anything
I feel nothing

Day by day 
It's wasted without an alarmed

Look around me 
Parents , siblings and daughter ––always there

The emptiness is fulfilled by them

That kind of thought will remains there
That kind of conversation will remains there too

Memories is the best accompany

I couldn't asked for more

Whenever people change 
I lost hope
Hope for nothing
Yet, walk away

All those memories 
Always make me smile and cry
On the same time 
On the same point

I am looking for someone used to be mine
Someone who play games with me
Someone who used to make me laugh
Someone who used to be missed
Someone who used to listened songs before 
shut down ––– sleep

Gone in a second

Walk away through the path 
Heads up and ignore even i can't

Act like it is okay even it was hurtful

Don't ask why 
Yet, look why 

Once i am ignorance ,
I am bold

Once you asked for it
Bare with it

Fight to get her back or you will loose her as day by day

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