Dont' get me wrong

by - Wednesday, March 01, 2017


It's begin with an apologise . I am truthfully sorry. It is not i am cold or unfriendly or sucks on it. I just rasa tak perlu untuk published comment you guys. I did replied your comment on your blog. each and everyone of you.

To 'you' ; anon ! Please stop give me the hardest time and bullshit kind of comments.
I don't even care about your past, actually. 😓

Such a sickening person does exists in this world. sigh~

What i meant by don't get me wrong, sometimes i just don't feel like to tell you what exactly that you should do. When a girl/boy say it is okay, sometimes it is not okay and she/he try to adapt !

You should put yourself in her/his situation.

Senang cerita semua orang sama je tak kira lelaki ke perempuan. Faham keadaan. If you wish not to be there,  just don't exists. Make it simple. Simple as that.

Don't make people give up & surrender upon you.
It will make things worst and the feeling just faded.

With each circumstance & what she/ he need to face & fight ; be there !
or else you might regret with the changes that she/he try to adapt too

Fix it or you will regret – sooner or later

D 😘

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