fresh look ; Truepenny

by - Saturday, September 24, 2016

Assalamualaikum ! Hi !

It's been awhile . Lama aku tak update blog. 
Selesai sesi delete segala post yang lepas di mana merapu & merepek.

Lalu blog berwajah baru & aku sendiri selesa. 

Moh ler kite ke arena seterusnya yok ~ *slang perak*


She has been fine at this moment – Something crawled inside her
She will always hold it so tight until she feel numb – speechless .
Henceforward eutaxy was to reign . 
She can feel it dyed-in-the-wool and will hold it close –
since truepenny besides her. She will not find a replacement 
because the truepenny is half of her soul . Whom known as a soulmate. 

-Aienal Mardhia Ab Rahman- 

Till we meet again , xoxo ! 

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