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by - Monday, September 22, 2014

assalamualaikum ! hye people :)

                                                             STALK ?

pernah tak korang semua stalk someone ? menipu la kalau korg cakap korg ni

suci dan bersih dari stalk someone . betul tak ? *ehem. tak baik tipu*

wink wink ! 

apa aku nak share kat sini, kalau nak stalk boleh. tapi jangan sampai kantoi.

kau pergi profile orang tu. i mean profile on a twitter . then tertekan butang FAV
pergi instagram orang . then tertekan butang LIKE . lepas tu bila tekan notification ....

" eh. tadi mcm ada org fav & like . wah . dia UNDO ! " 

lol . kantoi kat situ ye kak ....

besides ... what i am eager right now ...

i want to say something about something !

                          haters gonna hate . jealousy people will spread rumors. yet , when it comes to
        wrong people , boo to yourself ! because , some people won't care ;)

that's what i've tweet just now . it was just a sickening when some people always being such a bossy type of people in this world. come on . please mind your own business & stop dealing with my life.

i mean , stop spread something because you look damn pathetic . besides , for sure.

for those whom don't know the real me & believe in that kind of rumors , boo to yourself too ;)

i guess your life is not that cool so that you spread some rumors to gain an attention...


you have no point to make a conversation . so that, you keep on spread rumors as a topic.

oh girl . how pathetic is ur life. you should get some groove life i guess .

for those who love to have that kind of job where stalk people. spread rumors & etc...

i wish you all the best with your kind a pathetic life ! 

good luck babeyh . xoxo

that's all . have a nice and tight sleep guys . sweet dreams :*

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